Physicians wishing to participate to the Congress of the Romanian Society of Hypertension with an original work may submit the abstracts by 30 May 2018 at
After uploading the abstract, you will receive a confirmation email. Otherwise, it means that the loading of the abstract has not been completed and you need to send it again. The abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and the result of the evaluation will be emailed to the uploader by July 15, 2018. To include the papers accepted by the Scientific Committee in the Congress program, at least one of the authors must be enrolled in the congress validated by paying the participation fee until 15 July 2018.
In order to be accepted, abstracts must meet a number of requirements::
  • to be an original work, written using 'Times New Roman' font, size 12, in English
  • to follow the structure Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions with 8 maximum number of authors and it is allowed to insert a single figure or single table in the abstract.
  • numărul maxim de autori este 8 şi este permisă inserarea unei singure figuri sau a unui singur tabel în abstract.
ORIGINAL WORKS will be presented as oral presentations and e-posters, the best being awarded:
  • First prize – Full support for participation in ESH Meeting 2019
  • Second prize – Partial Support - Payment of Participation Fees - at ESH Meeting 2019
  • Third prize – Partial Support - payment of the transport - at ESH Meeting 2019 - Milan
Duration of the presentation: 8 minutes, with possible talks totaling 10 minutes
Oral presentation in Romanian with slides in English
The posters will be exposed on a centralized electronics system in JPEG, portrait, 1080 pixel base. Characteristics of the exposure unit:
screen size 48 × 87 cm, image resolution 1080 × 1920 pixels

Submit abstract